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About 7 miles back USFS-73

About 7 miles back USFS-73

Welcome to our site! Greenwater is nestled in the wilderness next to Mt Rainier. Greenwater occupies is a small spot on the map, and the area includes an eclectic town and encompasses several nationally designated wilderness areas, a world class ski resort, and of course our local boy done good – Mt Rainier National Park. Our mission is to provide a forum for our community and for visitors to the community.


Greenwater is located about 20 miles into the forest east of Enumclaw. The area around Greenwater encompass tree farms, designated wilderness areas including Norse Peak, Clearwater, Mount Rainier, William O. Douglas, Tatoosh and the Glacier View Wilderness areas. The total of these connected wilderness areas is several hundred thousand acres.


Within this vast wilderness you will find a continuity of broad old and new growth forest land, lakes, river valleys to glaciers and of course many mountain peaks. On a clear day many of the peaks offer views of much of the state and beyond.


As much as we love the area we also like to talk about camping, hiking,

skiing, snow showing, biking and other outdoor activities. Photography, cooking, and even daily activities are all part of the area’s rich variety experiences.